Purple Berry Haze

Think of these titles as a love child between School House Rock and washed out pastels. Fresh n' fruity.


Jawbreakers was created for a short film within a short film, playing in the background on an old picture tube television. The aim was to emulate a worn down VHS tape. The headline moves as such. 


High Scores Hang was the feature short for TIFF's 2016 Battle of The Scores. I created the graphics used for punchy emphasis throughout. See above for said punchy emphasis. 

War Paint

This title sets the scene for four morning routines. It's a short film, montage style, of women readying themselves to face the day. They fight mundanity. It was crucial to draw these by hand. 

Mood Killer

I worked with good friends on this short. It was an odyssey to get it shot, but our efforts got us a spot at the 2013 Toronto After Dark Festival and DEDFest in the same year. I starred in it, and designed the tiles and credits. 

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